CME welcomed the announcement of the most recent regulatory reform legislation from the Ontario government. There are two specific items in the large proposed package of changes that we would call your attention to – the elimination of the “highest and best use” provisions in property taxes and the planned harmonization of the provincial Toxics Reduction Act with the corresponding federal act. These were just 2 of the 31 regulations they are proposing to amend to reduce the cost of doing business in the province.

Full details are available here . We expect the Bill to make these changes will be introduced early in the new year and that a second regulatory reform bill will be brought forward later in the spring of 2019. We suggest you review the proposed regulatory changes and highlight any areas of specific concern so that we can provide input to government as the changes go through. These changes reflect the significant input and direction provided by CME and our members since the new government took office earlier this year. It also directly reflects the recommendations and direction of our just released Industry 2030 manufacturing strategy for Ontario. If you haven’t seen the strategy yet, it is available here.

CME is off to a great start with this government – with these changes, in addition to the earlier announced elimination of Bill 148, the wind-down of the Ontario College of Trades and the adjustment of 1:1 apprenticeship ratios – but there is still lots to do. We will now look to prioritize the various elements of the Industrie 2030 strategy and begin to focus our advocacy attention on the highest priority items for members and those areas with the highest opportunity for quick resolution. For more information please contact: Alex Greco, Director Manufacturing Policy, CME