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Our popular series of Lean belt certification courses are now available online. Access this great training from anywhere! With sessions scheduled for east and west coast timeLean is about engaging employees.

Companies that adopt Lean as a strategy develop a culture that allows them to scale up while remaining nimble, flexible, agile and above all else, hyper-focused on the needs of the customer – a distinct competitive advantage in today’s global economy.

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Certificate COURSES

LEAN 101

Lean 101 is a one-day interactive workshop that introduces Lean to those who have never had any exposure to Lean. It can be delivered on-site and is applicable to all levels in the organization, ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge. Through presentation, discussion, simulation and group exercises, participants learn about the seven wastes and the core principles, concepts, philosophy and benefits of applying Lean within their organization.

Lean Level Yellowbelt 

Lean is about engaging people in the spirit of continuous improvement and the Lean Level I Yellowbelt certification program introduces the core Lean tools and methodologies such as 5S, Value Stream Mapping and five-step Problem Solving. Facilitated by experts with real-world experience, this five-day program is focused on hands-on learning. Participants work through group exercises and homework assignments to consolidate the learning and prepare them to support the company continuous improvement efforts.

Lean Level I Yellowbelt for Service 

In addition to Lean Level 1, Yellowbelt is also offered to participants who work in areas and industries outside of the shop floor. From education to healthcare to financial services and law enforcement, Lean has been effectively used to transform organizations beyond a traditional production environment. Lean is all about engaging people in the spirit of continuous improvement and Lean level I Yellowbelt for Service certification program introduces Lean with an emphasis on office and service environments.

Lean Level II Greenbelt 

This learning by doing style of Lean certification program is delivered by Lean Blackbelt certified coaches. Structured into three, week-long models, participants develop and improve their presentation, communication, facilitation and problem-solving skills through group exercises, simulations and real world ‘Kaizen Blitz’ or Rapid Improvement Projects. Graduates gain the capability and confidence to drive improvements as agents of change within their own organizations.