Members have complained that employment costs are significantly higher in ON than in other jurisdictions. And this isn’t about wages, its about the regulatory and legal requirements that employers face. We are working with Sherrard Kuzz LLP on a full analysis of ON labour regulations in comparison to other jurisdictions now. One of the first pieces of this are termination costs, which are (we have been told) double what it costs in competing jurisdictions. Based on a CME roundtable with deputies during our QP lobby day, the government is looking at this specific element now (in advance of a full review). However, they need to understand more specifically:

  • What the costs are for termination?
  • How does this differ from other jurisdictions?
  • What if any recommendations we have to address the issue?

The Ontario government is also seeking feedback on the attached survey on termination employment. Given this, we would like to request that you fill out and submit your input by Thursday, February 20th. Please note that the input we get from the survey will be submitted directly to the Ontario government in confidence and will not be shared beyond that. It’s important we get as many responses from our members as possible

On the above noted questions, we would ask that you provide your input as soon as possible. If we could have your input no later than by February 14th that would be much appreciated. Contact Alex Greco, Director, Manufacturing Policy.


We have been hearing about domestic regulations that impacting the installation, modification, and operation of various machinery and equipment. Most of the stories run something along these lines – an Ontario manufacturer is investing in new machinery, they buy equipment that has been certified to operate in an equivalent jurisdiction (US state of EU country), but before it is allowed to be operated in Ontario different government agencies demand a series of additional tests and certifications take place. The tests are often linked to worker safety or environmental performance. The outcome is either the company backs out of the installation or there is a significant delay in operation. The second part of this are companies who look to made modifications on existing equipment and that modification eliminated all grandfathering of previous regulations – meaning a full regulatory approval must take place to current standards on old machinery.

The input we require at this stage is straightforward. We are looking for confirmation and stories directly from your company experiences and from experiences customers if applicable. More specifically we would like you to answer the following questions:

  • Have you experienced delays in equipment installation and operations because of regulations?
  • If so, which specific regulation or regulatory body was involved?
  • What was the impact on your business?
  • Please send your feedback to Alex Greco, Director, Trade Policy.


The Ontario government has come to us for input about how we can improve labour mobility to help attract new skilled workers from jurisdictions across Canada and around the world. The Minister’s Office sees this as an important issue as they continue to undergo efforts on modernizing the skills trades in Ontario. Given this, we/the government is looking for feedback on the following questions:

  • How do you believe the issue of labour mobility should be addressed in order to address the labour shortage in manufacturing?
  • What jurisdictions have addressed labour mobility appropriately to address the labour shortage in manufacturing?
  • Do you have any recommendations/proposed solutions?

Send your feedbakc to Alex Greco, Director, Manufacturing Policy.