For many CME members, employees are both the organization’s greatest strength and the source of a variety of challenges. To assist our members to address these challenges and/or to take proactive steps to avoid them in the first place, CME, in partnership with Sherrard Kuzz LLP, Employment & Labour Lawyers, has launched the CME Legal Support Call Program!

How Does the Legal Support Program Work?

Every CME member will have the opportunity to contact Sherrard Kuzz LLP for a free phone-consultation, once a year, to a maximum of 15 minutes. CME members can use their 15 minutes to seek advice about any employment or labour issue facing the organization*.

To take advantage of this CME member benefit contact Marie Morden, Director, Partnerships.

About Sherrard Kuzz LLP

Sherrard Kuzz LLP is a long-time supporter of the CME and its members, and one of Canada’s leading employment and labour law firms exclusively representing employers. Recognized nationally and internationally, Sherrard Kuzz LLP is consistently named among Canada’s Top 10 Employment and Labour Boutiques (Canadian Lawyer®)Canada’s Leading Employment & Labour Law Firms (Chambers Global® and Legal 500®) and as Repeatedly Recommended (Lexpert®).

Sherrard Kuzz LLP clients are domestic and foreign, operate in both the public and private sectors, unionized and non-unionized, and range in size and complexity of operations from small, single-location enterprises to large, diverse, multi-site, multinational corporations.

Click here to learn more about Sherrard Kuzz LLP and the services it offers.


*Subject to Sherrard Kuzz LLP completing a conflict of interest check and no conflict being identified.


We are seeking feedback from our members to provide input to the questions on termination of employment/termination costs in the below survey. Note, as part of this effort we are in the process of completing an analysis on the cost of labour in the province compared to other US jurisdictions.

Please provide feedback to both issues no later than Wednesday, March 18th, 2020. Contact Alex Greco, Director,  Manufacturing Policy.



Ontario Transportation Minister, The Honourable Caroline Mulroney announced a transportation plan for Southwestern Ontario entitled Connecting the Southwest: A Draft Transportation Plan for Southwestern Ontario. The plan lays out sets out the vision and explores immediate actions to get people and goods moving across southwestern Ontario. It includes more than 40 actions to connect local communities, keep provincial highways safe and reliable, make life more convenient for travelers, and help prepare our roads and transitways for the future.

Read the full plan is attached for your reference and information. In short, the plan is organized around the following goals to achieve the transportation vision for southwestern Ontario.

  1. Getting people moving and connecting communities – People across southwestern Ontario want a public transportation system that works for them. A well-connected transit network means that people can spend less time traveling and more time on the things that matter to them.
  2. Supporting a competitive open for business environment – In southwestern Ontario, highways are essential to connect people to jobs and businesses to workers and customers. The Ministry is looking at improving local roads and highways to make traveling easier for people, move goods to market, and support economic growth in the region.
  3. Improving safety – The province is committed to ensuring that Ontario’s roads and highways remain among the safest in North America. This transportation plan for southwestern Ontario includes actions to improve the safety of highways and roads for the thousands of people who drive on them every day.
  4. Providing more choice and convenience – Ontario has an opportunity to use emerging technologies and form partnerships to improve the travel experience for Ontarians, making it easier and more comfortable to get around.
  5. Preparing for the future – Plan for a transportation system that is resilient and embraces innovation and technologies change – today and for future generations

CME is planning to put together a short submission this week on the draft plan. We would welcome your feedback on the following questions after you have had a chance to do a quick review of the proposal:

  1. What can be done to improve highway infrastructure and transportation in southwestern Ontario to make it easier to move manufactured goods and support economic growth in the region?
  2. What are your recommendations to create a transportation system in Southwestern Ontario that supports investment, innovation and modern technologies?
  3. Based on your review of the plan, are there other recommendations/key messages that you would like CME to include in its short submission?

If you could provide your feedback to these questions no later than Friday, March 13th that would be much appreciated. Alternatively, I would be pleased to discuss this consultation and your feedback via phone at your convenience.