Senior Leadership/Executive

Automation and Robotics Council (ARC)


The Automation and Robotics Peer Council is for advancing the competency of British Columbia based manufacturers with regards to the ever-evolving field of automation. The Peer Council offers a forum for the confidential exchange of information between non-competing companies, advised by experts in the field that will occasionally speak at the meetings. This council is offered in BC only.


Common Participants in the ARC would include Automation (or) Robotics Sr. Technicians, Automation Designers, Production Managers/Directors, and Automation Project Leaders.


• Participants are matched with peer executives of other leading non-competing companies.
• Benefit from peer support and learning, as well as from CME resources.
• The council is coordinated and guided by an experienced and trained facilitator
• Each month, a morning meeting is held at one of the participants’ facilities.
• Discussions are confidential.


Participants will navigate the myriad of possibilities within the area of Automation and Robots. They will discuss building an in-house automation team, how to streamline the integration process and to enable the efficient use of new technology. In addition, they will constantly consider the differences between Automation, Small Automation, Semi-Automatic, Line Automation, and Machine Building within the varied contexts of enterprise needs.


• Emerging Technologies
• Training and Skills Development
• Up-Scaling Automation
• Reducing Cycle Time
• Standard Practices
• Monitoring Production
• Storage of Spare Parts / Part Ordering System
• Structure of Automation Department
• New Employee Onboarding
• Cyber Security at Different Levels
• Defect Reduction
• Automated Part Inspection
• Predictive Maintenance
• Safety
• Development of Work Cell
• Combination of IT/OT
• Common OT (Operational Technology)


For more information, please complete the form below. Please note, this Council is currently offered in BC.