Portfolio Lead/Management Policy & Government Relations

Manitoba Environment & Energy Committee


The Environment and Energy are strategic focus areas for CME nationally and provincially, particularly in Manitoba, with the government’s sustainability agenda and the potential for significant energy cost increases in the future. CME would like to be a leader in promoting sustainable and economically viable activity and solutions.



By participating on this committee, members will:

  • Articulate a position on energy and environmental issues unique to Manitoba and to develop a manufacturing strategy enabling manufacturers to become leaders in environmentally-friendly sustainable development
  • Be aware of CME national policy positions as they relate to Manitoba as well as liaise with CME National and communicate Manitoba’s positions on issues to them.
  • Provide direction in the development of related programs
  • Identify and promote training, awareness sessions, tours, and other means to help companies know how to respond to issues and opportunities in the sustainability area
  • Assist in better defining the issues and clarifying the facts (science) around environmental issues particularly as related to manufacturing and to provide input into communication with manufacturers, government, and the public.
  • Pro-actively participate in discussions with government and promote a sensible approach to legislation / regulation in Manitoba keeping in mind the ability to compete with other jurisdictions
  • Support / represent manufacturers in general and individually if required with respect to environmental issues.


  • Help guide advocacy around Manitoba’s environmental programs
  • Opportunities to work with government programs including NRCan on programs for manufacturers in Manitoba
  • Access to the Manitoba Hydro Energy efficiency programs or other supports
  • Showcasing stories of companies having achieved success in this area
  • Best practice tours