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Canvass Analytics Inc.

About Us

Canvass Analytics is leading provider of AI industrial software. Its patent-pending technology enables industrial companies to accelerate their digitization strategy by putting AI directly in the hands of plant operators – empowering them with data-driven insights to improve production processes and optimize assets.

Unlike other solutions, Canvass AI empowers process engineers to quickly apply AI data applications without requiring coding skills. By operationalizing machine learning, operators use Canvass AI to improve OEE by addressing industrial manufacturing’s most important AI use cases, such as anomaly detection, asset and process optimization, defect part detection, asset failure prediction, forecasting, and to model what-if scenarios. Across the world, Fortune 5000 companies use Canvass AI to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs each year by optimizing production processes and assets, improving quality, and reducing waste. Funded by Alphabet’s Gradient Ventures, Canvass’ customers include leading manufacturing and energy companies globally.



Michaela Radman