Exclusive Group Benefits Program

CME Members have access to a variety of exciting benefits including a complimentary benchmarking report to show you where your group benefits are stacked up against industry peers for attracting and retaining top talent; but also for the purposes of providing recommendations to create a custom plan design with cost-containment strategies.

10% off your current Group Benefits Premium* when switching to our CME Preferred Partner

Your plan design remains the same, while you benefit from the savings! If you don’t currently have a benefits plan, don’t worry – we have also designed a CME Pooled Program for you, so you can get your feet wet in benefits but be protected from large increases at renewal.

one-time complimentary $100 Health Care Spending Account for all employees onboarded at time of inception

For example, if your company has 128 employees – all 128 employees would receive a $100 health care spending account – that’s $12,800 paid to your employees!


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Contact Sarah at Acera Benefits at to inquire further.