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Coggins & Associates Inc. has been providing IT solutions since 1992, for small to large sized businesses. Covering a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, finance, construction, and many others. Our team is comprised of primarily accounting and technology professionals. We go beyond the needs assessment to implementation assistance, including the transfer of knowledge on existing systems, selection of better systems, and creation of custom solutions. We focus on business process improvements as well as implementing changes to become more competitive. History’s shown in the long run it’s cheaper, easier, and overall better to hire an experienced professional rather than going through the excessive headaches, costs and energy of doing it on your own. Our experience includes Accounting practices improvement; Bookkeeper guidance; ERP implementations; Inventory control; Material Requirements Planning; Job costing; Internal management reporting; Custom reporting of KPIs; Automation of tasks and Interfacing with on-line systems such as e-commerce.



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