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Columbia Plastics is a privately-held custom injection molding company that has been in business since 1945. Over the years, through they focused continuous improvement initiative, they have kept abreast of the technological advancements in the industry. Today, Columbia Plastics is recognized not only for the variety of services that they offer their customers (from design review, mold design and build, value-added operations, to final product packaging, etc.), but also for being the first Clean Room (ISO Class 7 (10,000)) molder in Western Canada, serving the Pacific Northwest community and Western Canada. Their customers come from a wide range of industries including medical/dental devices manufacturing, electronics, agricultural, industrial, commercial, and mining, to name a few.

Their extensive service offering provides them with great flexibility to fulfil their customer’s requirements comprehensively – making them a one-stop shop in most cases.


19320 - 60th Avenue,
Surrey, BC




Greg Howard,