Fiberglass reinforced products (FRP) Rubber Lining Machining Fabrication Electrode (anode) maintenance support

Eastern Composite

Generating Jobs in Long Harbour

Eastern Composite Services (ECS),was formed in 2007 to capitalize on business opportunities in the mining and manufacturing industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. ECS has positioned itself as a specialized service provider from its plant in Long Harbour. Specifically, the company is focused on manufacturing and other specialty services related to fiberglass reinforced products (FRP), rubber lining,machining, fabrication and electrode (anode) maintenance support.

Since 2007, we continue to grow and add to our workforce, which is now 38 employees strong. Our team consists of Engineers, Technicians, Journeymen Pipe-fitters, Welders, Rubber Liners, FRP Technicians, Pipe Fusion Technicians, Sand Blasters and Painters, Carpenters,Machinists, Millwrights and Labourers. All of which are focused on the mining, marine, and oil and gas industries in NL, as well as continuing to support and offer a source of employment in a rural area like Long Harbour.

Eastern Composite Services is an organization established to take advantage of gaps in the marketplace by providing services for companies where limited options exist to meet their needs. In addition, the facility is set up as an anode service center. Our progressive R&D department combined with unique offerings like anode stripping, assembly and mixed metal oxide recovery have assisted ECS’ quest for continued growth despite the downturn in the Newfoundland and Labrador economy.

ECS’ research capacity evaluates anode stripping and precious metal recovery. We have developed an innovative and unique chemical stripping process for precious metal coatings. We have developed methods to further process mixed metal oxide sludge containing high concentrations of precious metals. Previously these residues were lost in the process, discarded and deemed too expensive to recover. Our commitment to innovation allowed us develop an inventive technique that is better for the environment and has a significant and positive financial impact for our clients.

Rubber lining and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is used in many industrial applications because of its resistance to corrosion. We provide shop services from our 30,000 square foot specialty services and manufacturing facility in Long Harbour with a state-of-the-art rubber lining facility, paint booth, blast booth and coatings equipment. ECS is proud to be an approved fiberglass facility, machine shop and fabrication capability all in one. Our CWB certified shop can work on all types of metal and our technicians can provide on-site services.

ECS does it’s best to support the local community and town we call home. We pay our taxes, support charitable groups and the local volunteer fire department. We are offering meaningful full time jobs. We are currently sponsoring in partnership with CBC to hold a benefit concert at our facility in May titled From Inside the Circle – where local standout performers, such as Rum Ragged,will bring their music to the stage in a concert that local residents of Long Harbour normally need to travel to St. John’s to see!


542 Long Harbour Road
Long Harbour, NL A0B2J0