Foley’s Candies LP

About Us

Foley’s Candies LP has been manufacturing fine quality chocolate for more than 40 years in Vancouver, BC. They have grown to be the largest chocolate manufacturer in Western Canada and one of the largest in Canada. Foley’s prides itself on commitment to customer service, high quality products and competitive pricing. Their product line of industrial chocolate ingredients, panned chocolate products and food service and private label packaged goods is available across Canada and throughout the US.

Foley’s in-house sales staff coupled with their network of brokers and distributors ensures that their customers have access to their full line of products delivered either directly or from their warehouse facilities across Canada.

At Foley’s they use only the finest ingredients to manufacture the chocolate products. From sugar to cocoa powder, cocoa butter and chocolate liquor their suppliers meet their rigorous quality standards. In addition, they source nuts and fruits from around the world to make only the very best chocolate products for our customers.


11520 Horseshoe Way,
Richmond, BC

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Andrew Elliott,
President & CEO