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Innovation Guelph (IG) is an award-winning Regional Innovation Centre that helps growing companies achieve competitive advantage by leveraging capacity for accelerated growth and improved productivity. Serving southern Ontario and beyond, IG’s specialized sector experience includes advanced manufacturing, ICT, clean technology and agri-innovation, including food and beverage processing.

Our unique programs focus on helping innovative, scalable companies start, grow and thrive through education, mentoring, strategic introductions, networking and fee-for-service expertise. We work collaboratively with local communities to drive the growth of a globally competitive, knowledge-based economy in Ontario

With a roster of more than 50 industry specialists and a dedicated, entrepreneurial staff, IG has access to an unprecedented breadth of expertise to help companies improve the core elements of profitability, sustainability, and strategy—and to support them in identifying the right technology solutions needed to scale. Contact us to learn how IG can help your company overcome obstacles to growth.



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