Funding through the Province of Manitoba’s Sector Council Program encourages long-range human resource planning within industry sectors to create high-performance workplaces. By bringing together companies, education/training providers and other labour market partners, the sector council funding model provide opportunities not readily available to individual companies to address changing competitive needs, including:

  • enabling industry to participate in training to meet ever changing needs and achieving economics of scale that result in financial savings
  • increasing employer involvement in long-term planning and commitment to training
  • focusing training resources on priority training need
  • providing employees with current, relevant and in-demand skills
  • addressing skills needs by helping manufacturers to tap into a broader workforce, including under represented groups


This funding will allow CME to facilitate manufacturers ability to find, attract, retain and develop people with the right skills to accomplish your business objectives in a modern manufacturing environment, and connect to align education and industry to create a system that better responds to industry needs in an agile and responsive way. Funding will also allow CME to address advanced digital and manufacturing skills and competencies to increase manufacturing competitiveness.

Provincial Sector Council funding allows CME to deliver three types of activities to the manufacturing sector:

  • Education Activities equip employees with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to do their job and to meet business and sector goals
  • Awareness activities increase knowledge and understanding related to workforce management, training and development or jobs and career paths in manufacturing; and
  • Engagement activities help develop relationships with target groups (e.g., employers, post-secondary institutions, government agencies) related to sector workforce development and training.

CME members will be familiar with many of these activities, which have been part of our plans to help manufacturers in Manitoba grow for some time. Other efforts will develop over time, as funding will allow CME to act as the bridge to connect the secondary and post-secondary education system, industry, policy makers and more to create a path forward to increased manufacturing competitive advantage in the 21st century.

Aerial view of young engineer man and industrial worker woman checking production line and testing quality of steel pipe coils at warehouse section in cable factory. XXXL


Manufacturing matters in Manitoba. The sector directly employs more than 64,000 Manitobans and is directly responsible for more than 10 per cent of all economic activity in the province. Last year alone, manufacturers exported $9.2 billion of goods, representing 67% of Manitoba’s exports.