Canada’s largest biotechnology company

STEMCELL technologies manufactures tissue culture media for growing a wide variety of human cells and organoids used for drug discovery, as well as for understanding the regulation of cell growth and how this goes wrong in cancer. The company also manufactures immunomagnetic antibody reagents for isolating various cell types used in understanding immunotherapy and regenerative medicine. In addition, STEMCELL manufactures instruments for robotically separating cells and visualizing how cells grow. Based in Vancouver, the company has almost 1500 employees globally, of which 1000 are located in Vancouver, including 500 who work directly in product manufacturing, design, research, and quality management. Export-oriented, 97% of STEMCELL’s annual revenue is brought in from thousands of customers across more than 120 countries, supported by a global sales force and distribution centers in six countries. STEMCELL, which is privately held, was founded in 1993 and has grown at an average of 20% per year since inception.