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Mary Springer, CME Human Resources Program Director

Mary is engaged by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Association (CME) to deliver a range of Human Resources services for small to mid-sized association members. In her Human Resources career, Mary worked as a HR leader in diverse organizations from start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies, with industry experience in manufacturing, high-tech, engineering and aviation.

As the HR leader and a member of the Vancouver Management Forum at Creo, Mary led the human resources integration project after Eastman Kodak’s acquisition. Mary was responsible for the HR function in Canada and parts of the US. In 2011, she joined BBA, an engineering firm, to help them grow their first practice outside of Quebec. Mary has been with CME since September 2015.


Recruitment & Selection:
Hiring the Right Person


February 14, 2019


Competency-based Sourcing & Interviewing


February 21, 2019


Technology and Social media


February 28, 2019