Duxton Windows is a window and door manufacturer and the brainchild of Al Dueck; an entrepreneur who envisioned a family business as a means to build a brand with longevity. Dueck wanted to use innovative products to create hometown jobs and pass a legacy on to the next generation.


As a manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass products, Duxton serves light commercial and residential markets across the prairies, into the far north and the United States. The company maintains a three-part focus on energy efficiency, durability and design responsiveness. At Duxton, management believes in leading with heart and helping people grow their careers.


Fulfilling their founding vision of creating jobs and opportunities for Manitobans, the company makes every effort to promote and grow employees from within. From the shop floor, to lead hands, to management and beyond – Duxton is passionate about people.


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Little changes began happening on a daily basis – and adding up to big results. The company was hooked. But a bigger commitment was needed to create a culture of change and sustain improvements. That’s when Duxton decided to pursue the Greenbelt program.