Take your business to the next level and solidify manufacturing’s place as the backbone of the Canadian economy into the next century. CME delivers member value through three key streams:


Propelling members into the future with CME’s suite of programs and services designed specifically for manufacturers, by manufacturers.

Canadian manufacturers and exporters are facing fierce competition in both domestic and global markets. To succeed and grow, they must strive to improve and innovate on their processes constantly. Innovation is about finding better and more efficient processes in every aspect of the businesses. CME helps manufacturers grow by offering advice and supports through a wide range of services that are created specifically to address their most critical issues.

Programs & services include training & labour shortages solutions, operations improvement & productivity and funding available.


Providing meaningful connections to accelerate success for manufacturers through events and other B2B networking opportunities.

Canadian manufacturers and exporters strive for excellence, but no one can succeed alone. Being a member of CME is being part of a community of like­minded professionals who share similar goals and challenges. CME helps facilitate opportunities for manufacturers to learn from each other, work with each other, and grow together. Connect through Peer Councils & Consortia, B2B networking at events and training sessions; and through the Industry Resources Guide.


Influencing decision-makers as the unified voice of industry to create and sustain a competitive environment for manufacturers.

Canadian manufacturers and exporters need a competitive business environment to compete against the rest of the world and to attract investments. CME conducts research and works closely with its members to understand what manufacturers need to succeed, and acts as the voice of industry to influence change. Member interests are represented through advocacy, public relations and business intelligence including monthly economic reports, thought leadership on policy and research.