Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) — known as the Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada until October 2000 — was formed through the 1996 merger of the Canadian Manufacturers Association (CMA) and the Canadian Exporters Association (CEA). Our history dates back 150 years.

1871 Ontario Manufacturers’ Association (OMA) founded

1877 OMA name changed to Canadian Manufacturers’ Association (CMA)

1878 CMA founded the Canadian National Exhibition

1890 CMA founded the forerunner to Canadian Trade Commissioner Service and the forerunner of Canadian Transport Commission

1899 Canadian Trade Index (CTI) published for first time

1902 CMA given the Dominion Charter (Act of Parliament) to carry on business. CME maintains this Charter and is the only association in Canada with the powers that it grants, including the ability to hold official hearings (May 15, 1902)

1905 CMA chartered ocean liner Victorian to carry 278 members to England to promote Canadian goods

1919 CMA Maritime, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and Pacific divisions established

1923 CMA-equipped “Canadian Train” travels across France showcasing Canadian products

1931 CMA exhibited Canadian products on board Canadian-Australian Good Will oceanliner

1939 CMA led mission to England to plan for outbreak of WWII hostilities and participated in New York World’s Fair

1943 Canadian Exporters’ Association (CEA) founded

1954 CMA Newfoundland branch established

1962 CMA Prairie Division split into Manitoba/Saskatchewan and Alberta Divisions

1984 CEA joined with Canadian Government to present the first-ever Canadian Export Awards

1987 Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba and Saskatchewan established as separate divisions within CMA

1989 CMA unveiled a seminal paper, The Aggressive Economy, outlining the need for Canada to become globally competitive

1996 CMA and CEA merge to form Alliance of Manufacturers & Exporters Canada, and is later joined by the Association of Provincial Research Organizations (APRO), becoming Canada’s largest industry association

1997 Alliance Magazine launched

2000 Alliance becomes Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME)

2005 CME holds largest cross-country consultation in history on future of manufacturing and releases Manufacturing 20/20

2006 Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) rebrands its flagship publication to 20/20, Canada’s industry association magazine

2011 CME celebrates 140 years strong

2018 CME rebrands

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