CME is dedicated providing its members unparalleled access to the services, business opportunities, strategic intelligence, education and networking events needed to save money, boost competitiveness, and grow in both domestic and global markets. To do this, we rely on a trusted network of partners who share our commitment to the success of Canada’s vital manufacturing and exporting industries. We work closely with these partners to develop customized solutions that provide maximum results and unique value to our members.

Why partner with CME?

  • We can help you stay ahead of your competition with direct access to a more than 10,000 businesses drawn from all sectors of the manufacturing and exporting community.
  • Through our leadership of the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition, CME can enhance your brand visibility with 90,000 companies coast-to-coast, engaged in manufacturing, global business and service-related industries.
  • We don’t work with just anybody. Our advocacy efforts, superior events and intelligence services have resulted in more than 97% of our partners becoming repeat, long-term clients.

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Marie Morden
Vice President, National Partnerships

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