CME strives to provide youth and adult learners the opportunity to discover their potential outside of school and other academic settings. We do this by connecting them with industry professionals and building bridges from the classrooms to industry. We help learners of all ages to apply their knowledge in real life and all possible career pathways manufacturing has to offer.

85 per cent of Canadian manufacturers have trouble recruiting skilled employees, a figure that has been growing for some time. Labour and skills shortages are holding back manufacturing, and by extension, Canada’s prosperity. The skills needed to succeed in a manufacturing career are evolving rapidly alongside technology, especially as the industry transitions to advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Many of our secondary institutions are often disconnected from industry’s competency requirements. Manufacturers overwhelmingly report that they don’t believe recent graduates were taught the skills their business needed. This is a gap we are working to close together.

For more than 20 years, CME has successfully introduced youth to manufacturing careers through programs like Career Discovery (manufacturing simulation) that reach more than 2,000 students annually. CME is committed to reaching even more students and helping them develop the skills and industry connections they need to start a successful career in the manufacturing sector.



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Browse through information on our post-secondary partners and programs that support manufacturing and help you kick off your journey into manufacturing. Whether you’re staying in province or looking for new scenery, it’s important to pick the right school for your post-secondary experience.

Schools come in all sizes and it’s important to find what fits you best. Open houses and tours are a great way to explore your options. You can even bring your parents along! Check back regularly for open house information.