CME Awards Program

Community Contribution

Boeing Canada Operations Ltd.

Boeing Canada Operations Ltd is a leader in the community in which they work and live. Boeing began operations in Canada in 1929. In 1939 the Murray Park plant opened in Winnipeg. In 1976 Boeing employed 400 Winnipeg people. During the 1980s, the Boeing Winnipeg site expanded its facility and added engine strut fairings and military target programs to its workload. Boeing expanded in the 1990’s by 520, 000 square feet at the Winnipeg site. Today, it has expanded to approximately 800,000 square feet of real-estate in Winnipeg.

“Building a better world.” Stated in the Boeings Community Mission Statement. Everyone deserves a helping hand and Boeing has had a big hand in helping the Winnipeg community for many years. Boeing invested more than $173 million and thousands of volunteer man hours just in 2013 alone.

“Boeing employees are generous; they use their time, talent and resources to help in maintaining the success and health of communities around the world. Boeing Winnipeg is deeply involved in our community. Each year we support over 30 charitable organizations and non-profit groups in Manitoba.” – Boeing Canada

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