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Hall of Fame

Dickson Gould (The Progressive Group of Companies Inc.)

Dickson Gould is the President of The Progressive Group of Companies Inc.,
an organization whose operations range from agriculture, metal fabrication,
and food processing. Dickson has had a longstanding career in the livestock
production industry that spans over 40 years. Working with companies such
as Elite Swine Inc., Landmark Feeds Inc., Maple Leaf Foods, and more, he led
the growth of The Progressive Group to include such companies as Winkler
Meats, Pioneer Meats, and Rainbow Trailers.
A grad of the U of M Agribusiness program, Dickson has been a strong
advocate for the protein production and processing sectors for many years.
In 2023, he became the chair of the Sustainable Protein Council, whose
directive is to grow the value of the protein industry by leveraging the
advantages of doing business in Manitoba with an ultimate goal of attracting
investments and new businesses to our province.
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