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On April 6, 1938, Manitoba Co-operative Honey Producers Limited was
incorporated under The Companies Act, created out of a need for orderly
marketing, a honey pasteurizing plant, packing under a brand name, and
advertising and promotion of Manitoba honey. The majority of beekeepers at
that time, while not enthusiastic about Co-operative principles, recognized
that if they wanted a central processing, packing, and marketing organization,
there was no alternative but to organize a Co-operative and establish their
own plant.
Operating with scant resources and minimal processing equipment, the
Cooperative embarked on its journey from a leased warehouse in downtown
Winnipeg. This marked an exciting period as the Cooperative’s beekeepers
introduced their premium quality Canadian honey under a registered brand.
In 1973, the name changed to Bee Maid Honey, and eventually became a
favourite brand in Canadian households and abroad.
Bee Maid Honey stands as a proud testament to this joint venture, equally
owned by the two cooperatives. They continue to uphold their commitment,
sourcing Canadian honey from their dedicated beekeeper owners.
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