This April 15, CME pays tribute to manufacturing and exporting excellence in Manitoba at our annual Gala Awards event. Join us for a virtual celebration alongside more than 300 of manufacturing’s influencers, job creators and thought leaders. This event provides the greater manufacturing community with an opportunity to honour the Hall of Fame, Pioneer, Export and Emerging award recipients.

Although this Gala will unfold like no other in our history, now more than ever there is value in coming together as an industry and community. And in that spirit, we have exciting news to share: in collaboration with our generous event sponsors, we have decided to open the celebration to members and beyond at no charge!

Perhaps now more than ever, it is important to hear from industry leaders and pioneers and to showcase our Made-in-Manitoba success stories to as many members of our manufacturing community as we can, to lead and inspire others on their journeys.

We would also like to recognize those who have asked us to donate their ticket registrations toward the cost of the event. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you!

Be sure to encourage your peers and colleagues to join the celebration as well.

Hall of Fame Award

Ivor Perry, Dimatec

Ivor Perry founded Dimatec in 1988, leading the company to its current position as a trusted market leader through an unerring dedication to providing high quality products and excellent service. The company designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality metal bond diamond products, drilling equipment components, and precision-machined parts for the mineral exploration, mining, geotechnical and energy sectors.
Born In Northern Ireland, Ivor’s professional journey took him through South Africa as a manufacturing control engineer, including a fellowship at the Production Management Institute of South Africa, before landing In Canada in the late 1980s to join what would eventually become Dimatec. Since Its Inception, Ivor has ensured Dimatec stayed on the cutting edge of Innotative developments in the fields it serves, meeting and exceeding ISO standdards. Ivor is committeed to professional excellence, and Is a long-standing member of the Institute of Engineering Designers (MIED), the Canadian Diamond Drilling Association (CDDA), the Industrial Diamond Association (IDA), as well as Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME).
Under Perry’s leadership, Dimatec remains 100% Canadian owned and managed. With Its facility located at the geographic center of North America, the company is able to rapidly transport our products all over the world.

Pioneer Award

Ernest Guertin

Born in Verchères, Montreal in 1878, Ernest Guertin moved to Ste. Agathe Manitoba prior to the turn of the century. He later moved to Winnipeg to work, and subsequently purchase, P.D. Dodds artist supply store, renamed Western Paint. Ernest began reorganizing the company, focusing more on commercial paints, and acquiring Eaton Department Store as a customer. In 1908 Ernest oversaw the construction of a building on Charlotte Street – now Hargrave Avenue – where Western Paint remains today, celebrating its’ 110th anniversary.
With no children of his own, Ernest and his wife Louise acted as guardians to his late brother’s daughter, and imparted knowledge of paint manufacturing and entrepreneurship to extended family, leaving a longstanding legacy in paint distribution and manufacturing that has continued for four generations. Many of his family members carried on the paint tradition – from Guertin Brothers Paints, founded by Antoine Guertin Sr. and his brother Norbert Guertin out of their garage in St. Boniface, to Superior Finishes Inc, founded and run by great grandnephew Tony Guertin Jr.
Ernest was later decorated by Pope Pius XII with the order of Pro-Ecclesia-et-Pontifice for his outstanding and widely-recognized philanthropic work and used his success and wealth to contribute to society through sizable donations to St. Boniface Hospital, St. Boniface College, Sacré-Coeur School and church, as well as the University of Manitoba, which created a bursary in his name.

Export Award

RTDS Technologies

It was an uphill battle trying to the convince an analog world that the future was digital. But the fight was worth it: the five Canadians (Rick Kuffel, Rudi Wierckx, Trevor Maguire, James Giesbrecht, and Neil Mackenzie) who believed in real-time digital simulation were right. And after eight years of development, they founded RTDS Technologies in 1994 — shortly after sending the world’s first-ever real-time digital simulator to Hitachi for installation. From that moment on, RTDS Technologies introduced a level of accessibility and flexibility that had never been seen before by the power industry. And after changing the industry, it dominated it, remaining the market’s most trusted, powerful, and accurate real-time simulation technology available. Twenty-five years later, RTDS Technologies has installed over 1,800 units of hardware across in over 50 countries and six continents, and employs over 75 people: a team mostly composed of power system engineers, software developers, and hardware technicians. Discover how RTDS Technologies allows leading institutions to validate and de-risk new protection and control solutions by visiting

Emerging Award

International Truck Body

International Truck Body (ITB) delivers excellence experience, innovation, longevity and quality. The design of ITB’s truck bodies, trailers and enclosures is limited only by the imagination. With each new project, ITB continues to improve our designs as we strive to find creative new ways to meet our customers’ needs. Combining the expertise of our design draftsman, professional engineers, and journeyman trades, ITB leverages today’s best custom design and construction techniques and configures Its patented system of building to each customers’ exacting needs that match your requirements perfectly — all backed by the uncompromising quality of a custom-built aluminum body.
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Broadcast live to the convenience of your home or office from the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg


April 15, 2021
4:00 – 6:00 PM
(Date is subject to change)


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