Manufacturers worried about the integrity of Ontario’s supply chain

Ottawa, April 20, 2021 – Statement on behalf of the President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Dennis Darby

“Over the past year the role and importance of the manufacturing sector has been on full display. As manufacturers have demonstrated on countless occasions during the pandemic, manufacturing is not only vital to our economic success, but essential to helping our country face our toughest challenges. From the production of PPE to the manufacture of vaccines and medicines, a strong and healthy Canadian manufacturing industry is in Canada’s best interests.

Today, we are deeply concerned about the Region of Peel’s orders regarding businesses and ignoring their contribution to this fight. Although we recognize that the situation is critical right now, this unilateral decision could have a catastrophic impact on Ontario’s manufacturing sector.

It is troubling to see politicians taking actions that are not based on science and that could endanger our food, PPE, and drug supply, in addition to undermining global supply chains of some of Canada’s most important economic contributors like automotive and aerospace. As you might know, the Canadian manufacturing sector is interconnected. So, by taking these actions without a broader coordinated approach, the Region of Peel is putting the integrity of our supply chain at risk.

We therefore call on the provincial government to intervene and ensure a coordinated plan for manufacturers across the province that is connected to broader societal and economic realities. We also once again offer to the government to leverage our sector’s capabilities to increase rapid testing and to speed to vaccination efforts and call on the government to focus their attentions for their efforts in the Peel region and other hotspot areas.”

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