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Join our panelists at our “Cybersecurity in Manufacturing” online event, dedicated to addressing the critical cybersecurity challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. In an era of rapid digital transformation, manufacturing processes are evolving, making it crucial to establish strong cybersecurity measures to safeguard operations, protect sensitive data, and defend against cyber threats.

Our event brings together a panel of industry experts who will share their extensive knowledge, best practices, offering insights on practical strategies to enhance cybersecurity in the manufacturing sector. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and actionable recommendations!


Wednesday, October 4, 2023
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST


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$55 | Non Members
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Mike Nunn, CEO, TLC Solutions

Mike Nunn is CEO of TLC Solutions, a leading business technology (BizTech) company focused on helping their clients discover the joy of technology and how it can unleash operational efficiencies, competitive advantage, increased security, culture elevation, and profit growth. Whether it’s cybersecurity, cloud migrations, day-to-day BizTech support, or building custom software automations for your business and beyond, TLC Solutions delivers technolojoy.

In 2022 Mike joined TLC Solutions after spending 20 years in manufacturing where he held key leadership positions in leading manufacturing companies and was an active member in the BC manufacturing sector. His expertise in Lean as a certified blackbelt, KPI (keeping people inspired), and process optimization has enabled him to drive efficiency and productivity improvements on a large scale.

Outside of his professional achievements, Mike is committed to creating pathways for giving back to the community and having a positive impact on the environment. He recently started an initiative at TLC Solutions called Technolojoy4Kids, where TLC has partnered with BC Tech for Learning and Big Brothers Big Sisters to collect and repurpose used BizTech hardware – keeping it out of landfill – for charity and kids/families who can’t afford new technology.


Kenzie Nicks, System Integrator, SCS Manufacturing 

Kenzie Nicks is a Systems Integrator for SCS Manufacturing, a Vancouver Island based steel manufacturing company. Kenzie joined SCS Manufacturing in 2022 after 6 years in the mining industry where she held leadership roles in integrating the autonomous and mechanical drive systems of a global mobile fleet. From cybersecurity on-site penetration tests to cloud data migrations, Kenzie has worked in all areas of network infrastructure throughout both North and South America. In her current role, she runs the robotics and automation department,  focusing on software integration within the office and assembly line optimization with use of robotics in the shop. She currently holds a role on CME’s Robotics and Automation council and is continually looking for ways to improve SCS Manufacturing’s current business practices.


Dr. Christoph Sielmann, the University of British Columbia, Manufacturing Engineering program

Dr. Christoph Sielmann brings a wealth of expertise bridging industry and academia, with ten years of experience in each domain. His industry journey has been centered around mechatronics, instrumentation, critical infrastructure automation, and emerging software technologies. His academic background is diverse and includes electrical and computer engineering, nanotechnology, automation, and manufacturing. In his industry work, Dr. Sielmann designed large communication networks for water and wastewater automation systems, consulted for towns and municipalities on community-wide cybersecurity challenges, and developed strategies to adapt to cybersecurity needs in both small and large companies. He now teaches industrial automation, mechatronics software, capstone design, and other courses as an assistant professor of teaching at the University of British Columbia in the Manufacturing Engineering program.