Each year, Manitoba welcomes thousands of highly talented and skilled newcomers looking to call Manitoba home. As Manitoba businesses continue to grow and our aging workforce continues to retire, building a culturally diverse organization is essential.

The need for diversity and inclusion training is supported by the numbers. Labour and skills shortages are the most pressing challenges facing manufacturers today. More than 85 per cent of manufacturers struggle to fill vacancies. Access to a large, high-quality workforce is critical to manufacturing success. It boosts output, productivity and profitability. It also drives innovation and is vital to taking the fullest advantage of new technologies and production methods. With immigration high on the Provincial government’s agenda, professional, highly talented and skilled newcomers will continue to be an important source for your future staffing initiatives. Manufacturers of all sizes are encouraged to join CME and Manitoba Start for a series of four Diversity and Intercultural Training modules for management and frontline staff to meet workplace needs and support organizations in building cultural competence.



*Speakers and topics subject to change.





1:00 PM - 4:00PM CST


$100 per session
(All prices are GST extra)


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SEPTEMBER 28, 2021

September 28, 2021
Topic: Defining and Achieving Workplace Cultural Awareness


This foundational course helps leaders of manufacturing to become aware of cultural values that affect all workplace interactions. By explaining in detail the dynamics of culture and diversity and specific cultural aspects that affect the manufacturing work environment, this course helps leaders gain useful strategies that can be applied immediately in the workplace and with their teams.



  • Review Canadian demographics and its impact on our workplaces
  • Investigate cultural clues and explore values and how they impact working with diverse people teams
  • Identify challenges in interacting with diverse people
  • Identify strategies for building cultural roadways to bridge communication gaps



OCTOBER 12, 2021

October 12, 2021
Topic: Workplace Communication: The Impact of Culture


Taking the foundational knowledge about culture and diversity to the next level, this course explores the impacts of cultural filters to the process of communication. Barriers to effective Intercultural Communications are identified and strategies for overcoming them explored. This allows leaders to start applying teachings to their own workplace situation, thus improving their communication with teams.



  • Review basics of workplace cultural awareness and the strategies for working with diverse people
  • Increase awareness of the barriers to effective communication across diverse cultures in the workplace
  • Identify how culture impacts workplace communication processes and communication styles
  • Learn to build cultural roadways to improve effective intercultural communication at work



OCTOBER 19, 2021

October 19, 2021

Topic: Building Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Awareness


Diversity in manufacturing is emerging, but what about Inclusion? It’s not enough to hire people of different genders, cultures or generations – people need to feel like they are truly welcome, safe and free to be themselves in the workplace. Easy to say, hard to do. This hands-on workshop will identify the business case and benefits of workplace inclusion, explore challenging situations which can result in fostering inclusivity with those you lead, and cultivate strategies to foster and discover what it means to be an inclusive leader.



  • Have a better understanding of what is meant by Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace
  • Articulate the business case and benefits of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Know the elements of workplace diversity with a focus on gender, cultural and generational diversity
  • Take away some tools to continue building diversity and inclusion within your organization



DECEMBER 14, 2021

December 14, 2021

Topic: Implementing a Diversity Framework (for Organizational Leaders/Business Owners)


This course is designed for decision makers in any given organization. Given Canada’s population diversity, successful organizations need to look at the broad benefits that an integrated diversity program can provide for organizational growth and inclusiveness.


This workshop will present a 6-part framework for ensuring that a commitment to diversity extends throughout the organization and well beyond the initial hiring of diverse employees. Participants will have an opportunity to identify strategies for their organization to leverage diversity to ensure organizational growth now, and into the future. The decision-maker will discuss the six steps in the framework and use a master worksheet to begin outlining steps that their organization may have already accomplished towards their goal, as well as identify further work that the organization can continue to strive toward. The six component areas of the Diversity Framework are:


  • Organizational Culture – Internal Initiatives
  • People – Internal Initiatives
  • Development/Training – Internal Initiatives
  • Business Strategy – External Initiatives
  • Partnerships – External Initiatives
  • Social/Corporate Responsibility – External Initiatives.


REGISTER: **Prerequisite: Workshop 3 Building Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Awareness**

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