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Empowered Women in a Manufacturing Environment

Female foreman working in factory with automatic CNC machines. Business industry engineering and manufacturing technology concept.


October 17, 2023
3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


CME Manitoba Office
200-1479 Buffalo Pl.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 1L7


Members & Non-members | $25 Snacks and refreshments will be included.


Join our Women in Manufacturing Community for a fall connection at the CME Manitoba Office. In our last session, we focused on work-life balance featuring Community & Connection: Redefining Balance, with Dr. Meaghen Johnston. The Fall event will look at building confidence designed to empower folks who want a boost to find their voice in industry. Previous attendance is not required; if you live Manufacturing, this session is for you.

Women in Manufacturing is a supportive network of collogues, mentors and peers. Not only are we on a mission to help grow the number of women (and others!) who are underrepresented in the manufacturing industry – we also are creating a space to learn from others and build confidence and competency so we all feel at home in our industry.

New around here? Stop by and see what we have to offer at our next event.


Feel like you lack the confidence or expertise to voice your opinion at work? Learn why this affects thousands of folks in the workplace, and discover tools you can take to feel empowered to be heard. In this session we will cover:

  • Personal and Session Introduction
  • Empowerment and Disempowerment in the Workplace
  • Main Presentation
    • Fundamentals of Empowerment
    • Masculine vs. Feminine Approach
    • Implementing Confidence
  • Conversation period
  • Summary and Closing comments


Founder, Woman to Woman Empowerment Coaching

Marta Stanczyk, founder of Woman to Woman Empowerment Coaching, is a certified Master Empowerment Coach and an Honours Graduate of Applied Counselling Program at Red River College. Marta uses her skills as a self-awareness expert to help women remember their essence so they can live in harmony with who they are authentically.


A life-long student, her interests and skill development include neuroscience, energy work, and spiritually – all part of her passion for personal development and human evolution as well as understanding the complexity and beauty of human behaviour.


Marta is committed to sharing her knowledge, education, and life lessons through personal coaching, workshops, and online engagement.

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