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ERP and Robotics Lunch & Learn


CME is hosting a series of Lunch & Learn sessions that aim to help participants promote and create awareness of upcoming Advanced Digital Manufacturing solutions in their workplace, as well as network with industry experts in the advanced manufacturing sector. Learn how specific technology tools work and how companies are integrating advanced manufacturing solutions in their organizations.

Don’t miss the ERP and Robotics Lunch & Learn session, where CME experts, advisors, and special guests deliver bite-sized webinars on different areas of focus that ERP and Robotics experts might encounter.

If you work with ERP systems in supply chain, HR or Finance in manufacturing – we made this for you! Help your business operate more effectively by mastering these tools!




11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. CST




June 18, 2024 - ERP Systems

Successfully implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is challenging, but most organizations realize the benefit it would bring to their operations. It involves thorough planning, strong cross-functional teams, and  focus on user experience. Two organizations: Brunswick Steel and PTX Trimble have gone through the challenges and have seen successes throughout their journey. They demonstrate how ERP systems can transform operations and drive growth



September 10, 2024 - Robotics

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