Upcoming Events

CME-Manitoba Consortium Information Session.


CME hosts various consortia, where diverse companies gather regularly to exchange best practices, learn from one another, gain fresh perspectives for problem-solving, and identify both areas for growth and challenges. The overarching goal of all these consortia is to drive continuous improvement.


IPCO - Training Centre
975 Marion Street

When & Time

April 29, 2024
8am - 2pm


Lunch will also be provided

why join a lean consortium?

Lean is often likened to a total fitness program for your business. Keeping your business healthy requires an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement. Sometimes organizations need encouragement to “stay the course”, outside eyes to identify opportunities, and assistance to find solutions. Lean consortia can provide all of that and more.


ProteinMB is introducing the Sustainable Protein Consortiums, which include the Primary Producers Sustainable Protein Consortium and the Food Processors Sustainable Protein Consortium. These consortia are comprised of industry members and are facilitated by ProteinMB to encourage the sharing of best practices, foster peer learning, provide external perspectives for problem-solving, and identify opportunities for growth.


Joining a Sustainable Protein Consortium will provide valuable opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective efforts towards achieving sustainability goals in the protein industry.


To learn more about ProteinMB, visit our website!


Benefits of becoming a member

  • Get connected with and build a supportive sharing network with other consortium members
  • Expert guidance from Lean Facilitators
  • Benchmarking through Lean Assessments
  • Shared Kaizen Programs and other inter-company improvement activities
  • Consortia peer accountability
  • In-house Lean 101 workshops

… And more!