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Manufacturing Accelerator Program (MAP)


The Manufacturing Accelerator Program (or MAP initiative) is designed to help
Manitoba’s manufacturers become more globally competitive and expand their business. The initiative will support individual companies through advisory services, enterprise assessments, development of a company-specific game plan including skills development while also providing tools and resources for them.


Through MAP, individual manufacturers will receive customized roadmaps and implementation plans, tailored to their specific situation. Supports include:

  • Working with manufacturers to develop or renew corporate strategic planning.
  • Providing a holistic, enterprise-wide assessment to determine areas of opportunity to better serve customers at home and around the world.
  • Building on assessment results, work with companies to build an action plan addressing top priority area(s) with services supporting implementation efforts. Areas of focus could include technology/advanced manufacturing, end-to-end supply chain, productivity, business development, finance, quality, human resources, safety, environment, etc.
  • Identifying skills needed and training available (or needing development) to address those needs.
  • Compiling and developing various tools, guides, best practices and other resources to support ongoing improvement efforts including connections with providers able to assist.
  • Providing industry-wide networking opportunities to connect, educate and benefit procurement influencers, decision makers and policy makers.

Who Can Benefit

Manufacturing companies wishing to enhance their supplier capabilities and increase global competitiveness.


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