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CME and WorkSafeBC are hosting workshops to educate employers on main recommendations on how to perform an incident investigation for Musculoskeletal injuries and a Health and Safety Managament System.

who should attend

This workshop is ideal for leaders, managers, safety professionals, operations personnel and manufacturing specialists.

Health and Safety Management

May 10 | 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM


$35 | Members
$50 | Non Members
GST not included

May 10, 2023 - Health and Safety Management

Employers must ensure the health and safety of all their workers. As part of this, employers must establish occupational health and safety policies and programs and other suitable systems to manage for health and safety. This webinar will provide a framework to help you do that effectively. The content will touch on minimum requirements and go into detail for managing health and safety through a Plan, Do, Check, Act approach. This approach is an iterative process for continual improvement to support your occupational health and safety management system.


What you will discover:


  • Discover the definition and fundamentals of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System
  • Learn how to prevent workers from being injured or ill at work.
  • Discover the minimum Health and Safety Requirements
  • Learn how to implement a Plan Check Do Act Approach





Kim Stubbs, WorkSafeBC OHS Consultant

Kim Stubbs is an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant currently working with stakeholders in the manufacturing sector. Her previous experience has seen her engaging workers and employers in a variety of industries including municipalities, performing arts, and motion picture. Kim joined WorkSafeBC in 2000 starting her career with the company in the Information Technology division while focusing her education on occupational health and safety. In 2007, she was promoted to corporate safety advisor where she implemented and maintained the occupational health and safety management system for WorkSafeBC. During this time she received a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation.

Prior to her experience at WorkSafeBC, Kim was a warehouse supervisor at a courier company. Kim is a passionate leader of health and safety and is excited to share her knowledge and experience through consultation, outreach, and education.



Frank Hamade, WorkSafeBC OHS Consultant

Frank Hamade joined the Consultation and Education Services Department at WorkSafeBC as an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Consultant in 2022. Previously, Frank worked as a WorkSafeBC Occupational Hygiene Officer, conducting workplace inspections and accident investigations in the manufacturing and health care industries for 17 years, then in the construction industry for another five years. Prior to joining WorkSafeBC, Frank had spent a couple of years in the return-to-work field and then decided to focus his attention on the prevention of workplace injuries and completed an Applied Masters of  Science degree in Occupational Health at McGill University.

Frank spent seven years in Ottawa, honing his health and safety expertise while working for the federal government, a Crown corporation and at two large union head offices.  Frank is always eager to share his 30 years of knowledge and experience in the areas of safety and occupational hygiene with employers and workers.


February 23, 2023 - Musculoskeletal Injury Incident Investigation - completed

What you will discover

  • Discover the risk MSI overexertion injuries present in manufacturing workplaces
  • Learn about ergonomic basics: Risk factors, risk assessment and controls
  • Discover the benefits of investigating MSIs in your workplace




Tami Der, OHS Consultant, OHS Consultation and Education Services, WorkSafeBC

Tami brings over 27 years of WorkSafeBC experience to her role as an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant.  Tami has been involved with WorkSafeBC MSI Initiative from the beginning.  In her previous role, Tami supported the Prevention Division, by developing and delivering specialty training for Prevention Officers designed to prepare them for inspecting workplaces, identifying hazards and risk such as MSI.


Tami Perkins, B.Sc  and Heather Kahle, M.Sc., CRSP

Heather and Tami are two of four Ergonomists currently working in WorkSafeBC’s Risk Analysis Unit.   During the first decade of their 30-year careers with WorkSafeBC they educated and guided employers on musculoskeletal injury prevention. They then moved into the Investigations Division as subject matter experts in Human Factors and System Safety.

Currently, they support risk-based projects exploring human/system interactions.  They contribute to WorkSafeBC’s High Risk Strategies and together the team works to increase awareness and application of human factors and ergonomics across multiple industries.



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