Upcoming Events

Wastewater in Industry, Chemical Management and Best Practices


June 22, 2023
9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


CME Manitoba Office
200-1479 Buffalo Pl.
Winnipeg, MB R3T 1L7


Free for Manufacturers


Join us to hear from WSP, Royal Canadian Mint and Bothwell Cheese, who will talk about the current state of wastewater management as it pertains to manufacturing, regulations, and best practices.


9:00 am – Roundtable Introductions
9:10 am – CME Policy Update – TBD
9:25 am – Justin & Dana – WSP Presentation
9:45 am – Q&A
10:00 am – Industry presentations (Royal Canadian Mint and Bothwell Cheese)
10:20 am – Round Table and Topics for future meetings
11:00 am – Wrap Up


Pressure on the world’s freshwater resources is greater than ever before—with population growth, rising water consumption, extreme weather events and aging infrastructure all intensifying the strain on potable water availability, quality, and distribution systems. WSP will share their learning about how water is used in industry and some technologies / best practices that can improve the use and disposal of water. They will also touch on chemical management.


WSP works with governments as well as public and private utility companies to ensure the effective management, operation, performance and integrity of water supply and distribution systems. Our advisory, project management and engineering professionals also work closely with the agricultural sector, which consumes more water than urban and industrial uses combined, to provide solutions to critical issues surrounding global water use patterns. Through a holistic approach to water management, WSP water engineering consultants help clients maximize efficient use and reuse of water while protecting water resources and the natural environment—to support a sustainable, water-secure future for all.