Manufacturing with Passion - Anesha Mohammed, HR & Program Manager at Avion Technologies Inc.

In the creative, stimulating, and challenging world of manufacturing, where precision and innovation converge, Anesha Mohammed stands as a beacon of passion and perseverance.

As the HR & Program Manager at Avion Technologies Inc., a reputable manufacturer of high-quality gears, precisions components and sub-assemblies for the aerospace and defense sectors, Anesha is a driving force behind aligning company objectives, steering projects, and nurturing a culture of transparency among employees. Anesha speaks proudly of her amazing colleagues that each play a significant role at Avion.

Boasting over 12 years of diverse experience spanning across multiple countries in human resources and project management, Anesha’s transition from a business owner in construction and engineering to her current role in aerospace manufacturing was a leap of faith. Her versatility, coupled with a willingness to learn and adapt, has been her key to shine in this new domain.

An unmistakable sparkle lights up Anesha’s eyes when she delves into the intricacies of manufacturing, particularly when discussing how Avion’s parts fly on major programs for aviation giants like Boeing, MDA, Arnprior and Magellan. The pride in her voice is palpable as she proudly proclaims to those around her, “See that airplane up there? We put landing gears on it.”

When it comes to manufacturing process, Anesha finds herself deeply connected, reveling in the transformation of raw materials into awe-inspiring creations. “From a mere piece of steel or aluminum, we create a part that makes a bigger part work. We craft components at Avion that journey into space,” she enthusiastically shares. “That feeling of accomplishment is priceless and very meaningful.”

What sets Anesha apart isn’t just her expertise but also her unwavering commitment to uplift and advocate for women in a predominantly male-dominated industry. She doesn’t just talk about inclusivity; she actively champions it. “I’ve heard countless stories of many women struggling to break barriers. I strive to involve more women at Avion, to promote and uplift them.”

Her role isn’t confined to a mere job description; she’s seated at the table along men, respected for her perspectives and contributions. “While I may be the only female at this level, I have never faced issues about being respected as a woman, a Muslim, or an immigrant.”

When asked about her advice for women eyeing a career in manufacturing, Anesha’s response is straightforward yet profound: “Be ready to advocate for yourself. Ensure this is where you want to be.” Her words carry weight, emphasizing the need for assertiveness and the passion to thrive in a challenging yet rewarding industry.

Beyond the corridors of manufacturing, Anesha’s love for nature shines through. Hiking and nurturing her plants bring her joy and balance amidst her dynamic professional life.

Anesha’s story in manufacturing isn’t just about expertise; it’s about resilience, and unwavering passion. She stands as an exemplar, breaking barriers and paving the way for inclusivity, one stride at a time.