Meet Marcia – General Manager of Construction Sales at ArcelorMittal Dofasco North America

With 23 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, Marcia’s career journey at ArcelorMittal Dofasco began as a summer student on the finishing mill at the #2 Tandem. Fast forward to 2011, Marcia applied for a role as an Inside Sales Rep within ArcelorMittal’s Commercial Construction Department. She got the job and started a new career in Sales.

Marcia’s know how of the manufacturing environment has allowed her to flourish within ArcelorMittal. From working in the commercial side of the business, to supply chain, and customer service, Marcia now leads the construction sales team, proving the ample experiences and career possibilities that the manufacturing sector has to offer.

Choosing a career in manufacturing:

Working as a student in manufacturing, I really enjoyed being in a team environment, challenging myself to drive a crane, drive a tow motor and learning multiple roles on the mill. Working shifts allowed me to continue my education as well as manage family life.

Working in manufacturing was something I never ever thought of doing. My BA is in Political Science, and my sights were set on law school. Although not on my radar, I was surprised at how I adapted and how much I truly enjoyed working in manufacturing. Working on the line, there was opportunity to move around, and I saw that as a huge advantage.

What continues to attract me to a career in manufacturing:

I truly enjoy sales and seeing the end-product, and how it impacts people’s daily lives. Our steel supports many end-uses such as garage doors, automotive, and commercial/residential buildings. There is a feeling of pride in seeing our product in our daily lives.

I am proud to work for a company that continues to impact our community in a positive way. Initiatives like ArcelorMittal’s decarbonisation project is a historic transformation of steelmaking towards a low-carbon future.

My biggest accomplishment working in manufacturing:

For me, it was the move to sales – I absolutely love my job. We have fantastic customers that really want to collaborate with us and share their vision. I enjoy being creative, engaging with our customers, and challenging the way we do work.

In terms of biggest accomplishment, I think it’s really been about working through constant challenges and having to problem solve. I can’t say that there’s one single thing. Every week is different as the market is constantly changing.

Changing the perception – getting more women to enter manufacturing:

It takes everyone. It’s not just females promoting females. The biggest impact for me has been the positive male leadership advocating and providing me with opportunities to continue my training and development.

As women, we always think we need to check every box – we need to have every competency to meet that job description or else we shouldn’t apply. How do we increase our self-confidence or just take a chance more? We need more mentors and advocates giving women the push they need.

We’re also underrepresented. We need a driving force to get more women interested in the trades and manufacturing, and getting the message out there that these are great careers.

Many women may be thinking “It’s a dirty environment. That wouldn’t be for me.” We need big change and strength in numbers to come together and overcome this and many other stereotypes associated with the industry.

Advice to my younger self:

Leave your comfort zone, and that’s where I’ve been for a lot of my career at ArcelorMittal. I had to drive a crane when I hate heights. I had to push myself to do that.

I think we often underestimate ourselves. Challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone. Go for it.

Fun fact about myself:

I travelled quite a bit before working full time at ArcelorMittal. I have attended schools in different countries such as Germany and Hawaii. I even taught English in Argentina for a semester.