Technology Leadership & Executive Lean

CME NL Technology Assessment & Adoption Diagnostic (TAAD)

A people, process, & technology assessment to boost your company’s productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.


The Technology Assessment & Adoption Diagnostic (TAAD) was created to help companies make well-informed decisions about new technology adoption. TAAD provides an in-depth analysis of the problem you are trying to solve and helps you ensure maximum production efficiency and cost-effectiveness relative to the problem being solved.



How it Works

Our team of subject-matter experts at CME will collaborate with you to evaluate the potential costs, benefits, and risks of adopting new technology. We will consider your current technological infrastructure, personnel skills, and processes to suggest suitable options, alternatives, and solutions that fulfill your needs while minimizing disruptions to your current production. TAAD helps identify the best solution for business challenges by considering the following:


  • Is new technology the right solution for your company?
  • Is technology adoption the right solution to ensure long-term success?
  • Have non-technological solutions been assessed before making a purchase decision?
  • Risk mitigation concerning new technology adoption.


CME Members operating in Newfoundland and Labrador who are current participants in the Manufacturing Productivity Program.

Who can benefit

Any business looking to evaluate the advantages or drawbacks of implementing technology to address issues within their workflow or processes.