Workforce Development

Lead to Succeed


The challenges leaders face are greater today than at any other time in history. Competition is ferocious. Budgets are tighter. Speed-to-market and speed-to-service timelines are shorter. Innovation is in great demand but in short supply. A focus on top-line growth is becoming increasingly more important as customer expectations continue to reach new levels.

At CME, along with our partner ACHIEVEBLUE Corporation, our goal is to help our members make a difference in their businesses.

Why Lead to Succeed?

CME’s new Lead to Succeed program helps leaders meet challenges head-on by:

  • Focus their business on a compelling, measurable, strategic vision
  • Develop the people management skills of their leaders
  • Develop the organization’s business process improvement and innovation skills
  • Increase the quality and output of cross-functional and intact teams
  • Ensure front-line employees are not only kept informed, but kept inspired and engaged

Who Can Benefit?

*This program is available to CME members only.

  • New managers;
  • Aspiring managers;
  • Organizations who wish to leverage internal talent.


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