Andrew McFadyen

Andrew McFadyen is an expert at Transforming Businesses. Since the 1980’s, Andrew’s career has spanned four major organizational transformations, culminating in his calling as a Lean Sensei to dozens of organizations, hundreds of business leaders, and over a thousand professionals and staff.

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For fifteen years, Andrew conducted major overhauls of Teleflex’s product line, quality system, and lean operations. Teleflex was an extremely progressive organization which offered Andrew early exposure to lean principles and six-sigma quality methods, including benchmarking of best-in-class Japanese and North-American companies. Andrew took on numerous transformational leadership roles and helped Teleflex to grow and thrive in multiple market spaces.
Building upon his success at Teleflex, Andrew tackled a new leadership challenge to merge sales, service, and diverse cultures in Wexxar’s packaging machinery industry, while cutting lead times and improving operating effectiveness.
Upon joining Toyota in 2004 as an executive responsible for plant operations and people development, Andrew continued his learning and mastery of global best practices. Eventually, Andrew transcended from an operational focus to work exclusively on developing the next generation of lean leaders to improve the long-term viability of North-American businesses.
In 2008, Andrew moved to full-time work in his own practice (Leansoft Consulting Inc.) and also became Executive Coach for Lean Sensei International. As a professional “Sensei”, Andrew enjoys the opportunity to help transform organizations in all industries, enabling organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, growth, viability, and real culture change.

Steve Nycholat

Nycholat is the Chief Executive Office of the Sasuchan Development Corporation, the Economic arm of the Takla Nation. Before joining Sasuchan, Steve spent six years as Pacific Regional Manager of Allnorth Consultants responsible for six divisions providing engineering services to the Pulp & Paper, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. Prior to that, Steve worked as General Manager / CEO for TDB Consultants for 17 years working in the field of forestry consulting and contracting. Steve’s experience has also led him to serve as the Chair of the College of New Caledonia’s Finance and Audit Committee.

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Steve‘s education includes a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), a Diploma in Forest Technology from the College of New Caledonia (CNC) and a Blackbelt in LEAN Continuous Improvement. Steve is an active community supporter and has been a coach for the UNBC JDC West entrepreneurship team since 2012. Steve also served on the City of Prince George’s Economic Development Corporation Board 2011-2014, and volunteered in food service at St Vincent de Paul 2005-2013.


Peter Yakachuk

Peter Yakachuk has been involved in Lean enterprise systems and training for 15 years and in the manufacturing industry for more than 25 years. Peter has been a critical advocate in the transition from a traditional manufacturing facility to a world-class Lean organization.

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Peter is a certified trainer who helps companies, whether manufacturing or service providers, adopt Lean as the new enterprise culture and/or assist them on their Lean journey. Peter is also able to bring to an organization the Lean Simulation Strategy, which is unique in North America in that it combines the hands-on use of Lean tools with actual financial results in a one-day training session.
Peter’s background includes:

  • Lean Coordinator;
  • Quality Control Manager, where he played a key role in securing the Company’s International Standard ISO 9001 re-certification;
  • Plant Supervisor;
  • Product Line Coordinator; and
  • Procurement Manager
  • Senior Plant Manager

In 2006 and 2007 Peter dedicated over 500 hours of personal training and implementation of continuous improvement to achieve the status of a Certified Lean Black Belt. This training included a trip to Japan to visit the leaders in the implementation of lean principles such as Toyota, Kubota, Honda, and Diawa House. Peter has also been involved in numerous continuous improvement events that have seen positive results that have reduced: the operational space needed, cycle times, work in progress, inventory, and defects. Currently he is focusing efforts on independent consulting of lean principals, implementation and employee development training.