Growing up in the rural community of Orton, Ontario, Jake Tamminga could see that Ontario farms could do better.  So, in 1993, he founded Jaylor and developed the first vertical feed mixer, an innovative design to serve dairy and beef farmers. The feed mixer was an instant success and changed the way cattle is fed in North America and over 50 countries world-wide.

Today, Jaylor is a successful international corporation, but Jake never forgot where he came from.  He still maintains his roots firmly planted in Orton, with his production facilities located in his hometown.

Jake is proud that Jaylor has created 80 good middle-class jobs and truly believes that his company is contributing to create better future for his community. But, he worries that if the costs of doing business in Ontario and the red-tape continue grow steadily as they have in recent years, they will be too heavy for Jaylor to bear.

Ontario needs a manufacturing strategy, so Jake doesn’t have to face his greatest fear, having to uproot Jaylor from the community that built it or, become uncompetitive.