Cem Gercek, P.Eng. - Director of Operations & Head of Decarbonization at Carmeuse

As the global economy pivots towards sustainability, the role of industry leaders in spearheading decarbonization efforts becomes increasingly crucial. Among these leaders is Carmeuse, a leading global lime manufacturer.

At the helm of their Canadian operations and decarbonization initiatives is Cem Gercek, a dynamic leader fuelled by over two decades of expertise in operations, mining, and change management.

Passionate about sustainability, Cem plays a significant role in steering Carmeuse towards a greener future. A global manufacturer of lime, limestone and mineral-based products, Carmeuse supplies lime products to industries like steelmaking, water treatment, construction, and mining.

Carmeuse’s products not only serve industrial needs but also contribute to cleaner air and safer water—a testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship. With a significant presence in Ontario, Carmeuse operates three facilities in the province.

In his role, Cem oversees the intricate operations of Carmeuse while concurrently driving their decarbonization agenda forward across North America. This dual responsibility underscores Carmeuse’s commitment to achieving net-zero by 2050, aligning with global endeavours to combat climate change head-on.

Why join a manufacturing committee?

When asked about his active involvement in Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and his role as the Chair of CME’s Ontario Environment Committee, Cem shares that it’s all about having a voice in the conversation.

CME’s active involvement in shaping policies regarding CO2 taxation and Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) underscores the organization’s influence in the regulatory landscape.

Decarbonization is not a solitary endeavour—it requires collective action and collaboration among industry stakeholders. By participating in CME’s Environment Committee, Cem notes that manufacturers can stay on top of regulatory changes, share best practices, and collectively advocate for policies that support sustainability while safeguarding industry interests.

Cem also emphasizes the invaluable knowledge exchange that committees facilitate. By leveraging the experiences and strategies of fellow manufacturers, companies can gain valuable insights and strategies to accelerate their decarbonization journeys. There’s also strength in numbers—a unified industry voice carries significant weight in influencing policy decisions and driving systemic change.