Senior Leadership/Executive

Manufacturers’ Innovation & Growth Council


In today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing landscape, staying ahead means embracing and investing in new productive assets and technologies, while also increasing Canada’s value-added export markets.

Businesses that invest in these opportunities and take advantage of Canada’s trade deals have healthier bottom lines than their counterparts that do not. CME’s latest Technology Adoption Report further shows that 40% of manufacturers identify uncertain return on investments as the main reasons they are not investing in new technology.

Looking to understand what business enhancements and growth opportunities are best suited for your company’s needs? CME’s Manufacturers’ Innovation & Growth Council is your trusted guide in navigating these waters and ensuring greater certainty on your investments.

Comprised of an exclusive group of senior manufacturing executives from non-competing companies, council members meet to gain strategic insights, share ideas, and learn from each other’s experiences, complemented by hearing from industry experts across government, academia and the private sector.

The council also serves as a peer mentoring forum to exchange confidential business information related to the ongoing operations and growth of your business.

Meetings are highly interactive, fostering collaborative discussions on a wide array of topics including technology adoption, productivity enhancement, exporting market opportunities, and strategies for avoiding trade barriers and export pitfalls. Together, participants leverage each other’s strengths to navigate complexities, capitalize on opportunities, and overcome obstacles, ultimately fostering collective growth and success.


Participants include Owners, CEO’s, VP’s of Manufacturing, Director of Operations, Managers of Operations, Plant Managers, Production Supervisors and Manufacturing Leaders.


  • Participants are matched with peer executives of other leading non-competing companies;
  • Benefit from peer support and learning, as well as from CME resources;
  • The council is coordinated and guided by a trained facilitator who has C-suite/senior level executive experience;
  • Council members drive the meeting topics based on their needs and interests;
  • Meeting topics may include operational best-practices, production process optimization, improving productivity through Lean thinking, technology implementation; and
  • Discussions are confidential.


  • Meetings occur every 6-8 weeks
  • Most meetings take place virtually



Louie Katsis, Owner & Operator at Olympic Kitchens

“I am grateful for the experiences and relationships I’ve gained through my involvement with the council. The support and resources provided to me have been instrumental in staying ahead in the rapidly evolving business landscape. Whether it’s staying up to date with the latest trends, accessing educational resources, or leveraging their network to find solutions, the council has been a reliable partner.”


Chris White, Manufacturing Professional

“Being a part of the council has enriched my personal and professional growth in many ways. Networking with other likeminded professionals has taught me so much about what other company leaders are doing to help grow their companies across North America. The dedicated CME team collaborates closely with the council, attentively considering our input, and leverages the information shared to advocate for funding and other relevant interests with government. I wholeheartedly recommend joining this group to anyone that wants to grow and network with likeminded people.”



To learn more about participating, please contact Nathalia Maia via email or fill out the form below.