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CTM was incorporated in 1986 with the belief that any type of company could dramatically improve productivity by reducing cycle time throughout their business and squeezing out waste. Also, using appropriate methodology that were developed by Toyota and therefore reduce cost and greatly improve flexibility CTM was a pioneer in this thought process back in the 1980s. Over the years CTM has delivered high quality services to manufacturing, healthcare, wineries, and a number of other organizations.

Initially CTM was primarily an educational organization doing a great deal of “missionary” work in the field of (Just In Time Manufacturing) now called Lean Enterprise a powerful, productivity improvement concept that, in 1986, was ahead of its time.

Today, CTM is a mid-sized firm, with our head office located in Kitchener, Ontario.

Our clients include both American and Canadian companies, large and small, in a wide variety of business sectors.

CTM has developed a comprehensive process (The Lean Implementation Framework) that supports an organization going through a complete transition from applying traditional operating practices to creating a streamlined company applying Lean operating practices.

This transition is supported with experienced facilitators and self-directed Lean e-learning education products that are all based on the Toyota Production System.

As a company works through the framework all company processes are studied and appropriate technology that would take the company to a higher level of performance are assessed.


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William Neeve
CycleTime Management Inc.