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Factory Bucket Inc.

About Us

Factory Bucket is a Low-Code/No-Code solution provider focused on helping manufacturers digitally transform their shops without all the complexities of ERP systems.

Our philosophy is simple: technology should adapt to manufacturers – not the other way around. Traditional ERP and software systems force manufacturers to squeeze into out-of-box solutions – causing disruptions in workflow processes, loss in productivity through non-value added software functions, and are a burden on resources.

What if it were easier?

Using Factory Bucket’s Low-Code/No-Code principle – we develop software solutions that adapt to your real-world workflow. Ensuring software in your business doesn’t mean being burdened with changes – but an improvement in productivity.

Whether it’s eliminating time consuming paper processes, connecting to a nation-wide supply chain and logistics network, or automating your production scheduling – the solutions we provide are made for manufacturers. Made for you.



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Rami Kaawach
Business Development Manager