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About Us

Isaac specializes in hands-on operational and supply chain improvements without capital expenditure. Our consultants, use a scientific approach to uncover opportunities to increase capacity, reduce cost and improve delivery performance utilizing existing equipment and operations teams.

For example, opportunities could include:

  • Machine potential
  • Hidden production capacity
  • Line pace and workload balance
  • Labour control

Typical improvements:

  • 30-80% labour costs
  • 4-10% material costs
  • 40-100% capacity increase
  • Results can be realized between 2-6 months
  • Generate EBITDA increase of more than 2x the fee.

We work alongside businesses to solve the technical problems and implement the operational changes to quickly unlock and sustain additional capacity. Isaac is hands-on and implementation focused, supporting organizations until the results are achieved and the visibility, processes and behaviours are in place to sustain results.

Along with consulting services, Isaac developed and launched LiveTracking, a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System, to help provide visibility of performance to manufacturers.





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