In the dynamic world of automotive manufacturing, where precision, innovation, and efficiency are paramount, the influence of women is growing stronger. At Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC), diversity is not just embraced, but drives the company forward. Female leaders at TMMC are at the helm, shaping the industry’s landscape. Their stories speak of resilience, passion, and a shared commitment to excellence. 








Erin Buchanan-Gelinas, General Manager, Manufacturing

“As a female executive, working in manufacturing holds great significance for me. It allows me to break barriers and challenge stereotypes in a traditionally male-dominated industry. By being a part of the automotive manufacturing sector, I can inspire other women to pursue careers in STEM fields and leadership roles. Additionally, being involved in auto manufacturing gives me the opportunity to drive innovation, improve processes, and contribute to the growth of the industry. It is empowering to be a part of shaping the future of auto manufacturing and showcasing the valuable contributions that women can make in this sector.”


Natalie Weber, Manager, Human Resources

“I never planned to work in the auto industry – thought it might be a short-term stint to pay off my student loans. However, with the fantastic pay, job security and benefits that it provided – along with the incredible support and encouragement for females to strive for expanded knowledge and growth in the company – I am still here 25 years later. Our company has females in all areas and levels of the organization, and I am so proud to be a part of this extremely diverse and equitable industry. We aren’t quite where we need to be – but my mission before I leave is to help us get there!”



“In an ever changing, ever evolving automotive industry, knowing that we are not just building vehicles, but creating an experience for our customers, drives my passion to always want to be a part of leading the way in manufacturing. We are a world class automotive manufacturer of Lexus vehicles who also create world class people and knowing that I can be a part of forming relationships that will result in world class leadership is invaluable.”



Sharon Pereira, Team Leader, Quality Control


“The quality of the vehicles that we produce is first and foremost to me. It is my first priority that there is a quality vehicle going out the door. From parts, to the assembly, and to the final completed vehicle, manufacturing a safe and quality vehicle is my contribution to the Toyota and Lexus community.”






“Manufacturing is a very fast-paced environment which opens up many learning opportunities. I can go home every day knowing I learned something new, and I appreciate all my teachers.”




Katlyn Fanning, Senior Analyst, Production Control


“As a woman in the automotive manufacturing industry, my experience is both challenging and rewarding. I’m passionate about breaking barriers and setting a precedent for inclusivity and equity in a traditionally male-dominated environment. Beyond advancing my own career, I am deeply committed to inspiring and lifting other women up, showing them that they too can succeed and lead in this sector.”