Manufacturing is the process of taking raw goods and turning them into a finished product by hand or with tools. The computer you are using, the desk you are sitting at the food you are eating is all manufactured. Every product you see around you is manufactured and it takes skilled labour to do so.

More than 1.25 million people in Canada work in manufacturing. They are working in modern automated facilities. Canadian manufacturers are committed to a green environmental footprint, to producing products that improve the lives of Canadians and to giving employees the chance for an awesome career with unlimited possibilities!

To keep these facilities running it is important to hire skilled talented workers. STEM knowledge is key to many of the skilled trades and technology workers in industry. To be successful in manufacturing, it is also important that students have problem solving skills, computer and technology.


Manufacturing is a dynamic and growth-oriented industry offering employees the opportunity to learn and grow on the job. It does not require a 4-year degree, allowing students to start earning right out of high school with the opportunity to upskill on the job. There is high salary potential with lots of upwards mobility. Each day in a manufacturing career will be different and exciting.


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