Have you ever wondered how cars, phones, shoes or even your favorite cereal are made? Do you know what a modern manufacturing plant looks like? Did you know there are jobs for everyone and every interest behind the doors of manufacturers across Canada? From accounting to coding and from trades to technology, every Canadian can discover an amazing career in manufacturing today.

Take some time to explore manufacturing stories and learn what’s made in your province. Browse our career viewbook, which contains a variety of career profiles and pathways for student success. From information to hands on exploration, CME offers something for every student. Get engaged and excited about a career in manufacturing today!


Manufacturing is the process of taking different materials and creating a new product, by hand or equipment. You might think of cars, furniture and windows, but do you also think of moccasins, french fries and hockey skates? These are all products that are manufactured in Canada.

More than 1.7 million Canadians work in manufacturing and work in modern, automated facilities. In addition to innovation, accelerating the Canadian economy and pushing technological limitations, many manufacturers are committed TO a green environmental footprint while producing products that improve the lives of Canadians. Download our manufacturing infographic to learn more about a manufacturing shop floor.



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