Across British Columbia, manufacturing jobs are the lifeblood of our communities.

Manufacturers fuel our small towns’ economies and our way of life. The companies and their employees support local charities, hockey, and soccer teams. They generate 165,800 jobs and 6.9% of our GDP.

During the COVID-19 crisis manufacturers in BC have kept open, kept operating and kept their contribution to community. They have worked to fill the gaps in critical supplies when our international supply chains broke down. And, with the right conditions, the manufacturing sector has the potential to drive our recovery and bring more prosperity to our communities to create high-paying jobs for hard-working British Columbians.


  • 32% of Canadians are, or have a family member who is, employed by the manufacturing sectors
  • 85% of Canadians think the manufacturing sector generates good jobs
  • 82% of Canadians say they will consider the manufacturing sector in their voting decision this fall after learning more its contribution to Canada.


British Columbians want their communities to recover strongly. They want to grow and prosper. They want good jobs and a secure future for their kids in their home-town. That’s why it’s so important that British Columbia has policies that will support manufacturing both in the recovery and for the future.

We need a plan from the BC government to make sure we can keep businesses open, make goods in BC and create dependable jobs available close to home.

Here are 3 ways the government can help manufacturers support our communities:

  1. Introduce investment support programs to help our manufacturing sector make the capital investments that drive tech adoption, improve environmental performance, engage in employee training, and scale-up.
  2. Encourage youth engagement in skilled trades through awareness programs and funding for work-integrated learning.
  3. Permanently remove the PST from machinery and equipment with a long-term plan to create a made in BC Value-Added Tax.


Find out about manufacturers who are creating good, rewarding jobs in their communities.