Manufacturing means good jobs. 165,800 British Columbians are directly employed in high-wage, skilled manufacturing careers ranging from technical trades and software to engineers and customer service. Manufacturing pays 13% more than the average industrial job and generates 298,000 spin-off jobs.

During the COVID-19 crisis most manufacturers have kept the doors open and kept people employed. Manufacturing, and the solid jobs it represents, has the ability to lead BC’s economic recovery.


  • 32% of Canadians are employed, or have a family member who is employed by the manufacturing sector.
  • 93% of Canadians who work, or have a family member who works for the manufacturing sector would recommend a job in the sector.
  • 9 out of 10 Canadians think it is time for the government to invest more in skills training so more Canadians can develop the skills they need to have a thriving and rewarding career in the manufacturing sector.


We want skilled jobs created right here in British Columbia and, we want to develop skills so they can get the job done better than anywhere else. This includes policies that build on our traditional strengths in resource-based manufacturing in addition to our 21st century boom in areas like computer science, biotech, agri-sciences and robotics.

Manufacturing creates these opportunities. By building a thriving manufacturing sector, we make sure our children are able to put their education to work right here at home.

Here are 4 steps government can take to help manufacturers hire more British Columbians: 

  1. Introduce investment support programs to help our manufacturing sector make the capital investments that drive tech adoption, improve environmental performance, engage in employee training, and scale-up.
  2. Encourage youth engagement in skilled trades through awareness programs and funding for work-integrated learning.
  3. Expand the development and upgrading of natural resources through improved, clear, and simple regulatory processes.
  4. Develop a Made in BC program to support and promote BC made products.


Find out about manufacturers who are creating good, rewarding jobs in their communities